Actaris Meters

Actaris flowmeters is currently the world leader in the gas, water and electricity meters and related devices industry. Actaris flowmeters embed advanced technologies to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. In relation to Actaris flowmeters, our company provides one of the most accurate flow meters using top quality parts.  


Actaris flowmeters

Different from other types of flowmeters, Actaris flowmeters are able to determine the direction of the flow. The meter is placed in a  balance, when the difference between the weight of the float and the weight of the liquid matches the pressure, Actaris flowmeters provide one of the most accurate data for liquid and gas measurement.

High pressure


Actaris flowmeters are built to rotate freely from metal or other materials into a vertical metal tube where across-sectional surface is widened gradually with a metal rotor or other materials. In rough climate conditions, Actaris flowmeters are able to read accurate data using high pressure flow meters. Another feature of the Actaris flowmeters is its rugged design. Because the meters are designed to be placed in hard to reach areas, the outer layer is built with hard materials to protect the meter from harsh climate conditions.


Actaris magnericaly inductive flowmeters (MID)

Additionally, all new generation Actaris flowmeters are built with a layer of magnetic induction (MID). The technology enables Actaris flowmeters to read large amounts of flow data within seconds. The magnetic induction also helps creating historical data thanks to its precise accuracy.

Low maintenance


Actaris flowmeters are easy to maintain. Parts are provided with meters which protects the turbine and can be easily replaced. The flow position can be decided by the user and the  flow is scanned regularly in order to avoid any errors.